ROSA Addresses His Secret Cocaine Addiction in “BLOW”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 16, 2020

Channeling the likes of Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi, ROSA has always been insightful and vulnerable when it comes to songwriting. The Amsterdam-based talent has been especially vocal about his depression and overall mental health, but it wasn’t until recently that he addresses his drug addiction through song. No longer holding back, ROSA is more than ready to share his bold  new single, “BLOW.”

On “BLOW,” ROSA shared,

“Suffering from depression since an early age, I was always aware that my mental state was something I could either master or fall victim to. I made a conscious decision to not let my condition get the best of me and developed the ability to mask my true feelings like a craftsman. I figured out a way to make my sickness work to my advantage and learned how to gauge people’s habits, faults, idiosyncrasies, similarities and tics through thorough observation. I also learned how to always be a few steps ahead of people and manage expectations and emotions of not only myself but my surroundings as well. It’s through this method that I trained myself how to assess any situation from every vantage point and calculate decisions mostly based on logic instead of emotion. This structure was a clever built-in coping mechanism that helped me survive throughout the years. However, it also kept me from any accountability or actually dealing with any of my issues.”

Keeping his intense cocaine addiction a secret for years was brutal for ROSA, and he’s finally relieving this burden to us with “BLOW.” With clever bars layered above chilling beats, “BLOW” leaves us in awe as ROSA exposes himself once and for all. The accompanying visual features ROSA surrounded by breathtaking sights as “BLOW” keeps us captivated throughout the mesmerizing video.

“It’s this type of mathematical thinking that helped me cover up a severe cocaine addiction for years without any of my closest friends and family noticing. While naïvely attempting to only use it recreationally, I eventually sunk deeper into a repetitive cycle of endless partying, procrastination and self-sabotage. ‘BLOW’ is about me coming to terms with not only my drug problem but also the root of my drug problem: depression. It is a confrontational testimonial of a traumatized kid who mastered the art of pretending.”

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