VALE’s “be somebody” Is a Wake Up Call for Posers

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 12, 2020

It’s not often we discover rising talent from Barranquilla, Colombia, but VALE is certainly well worth our time. Joining her school choir at six years old propelled her to eventually explore American pop and R&B, which she now channels into her own forthcoming discography. With only one officially released track to her name, VALE is introducing us to her captivating soundscape with her flawless new single, “be somebody.”

On “be somebody,” VALE shared,

“‘be somebody’ is a song that Heavy Mellow, Mark Johns, and I made with the intention of helping and allowing people to realize that they don’t have to live someone else’s life in order to be amazing. This song is like a wake up call for whoever feels like they’re lost within themselves.”

Inspired by where VALE’s lives and the people who make up the neighborhood there, “be somebody” has the Colombian songstress calling out those who feel the need to be similar to anyone else. Along with this message of self-confidence comes VALE’s mesmerizing vocals and luscious instrumentals that make R&B proud. The “be somebody” visual is a lighthearted homemade video compilation of VALE driving around in golf carts and giving her family some well deserved camera time.

“Even though the song explicitly talks about people copying others in such a way where they are not being themselves at all, Heavy, Mark Johns, and I decided not to make this song a ‘roast’ towards unoriginal or insecure people. Instead, we tried to keep it as lighthearted as possible. By doing this, we tried to make whoever identifies with the song’s message feel like there’s room for change in their life, and that it’s enough to be themselves. Like we wrote in the lyrics, in order to be somebody, you need to start working on being 100% true to your essence.”

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