Nova Rose Reveals Our Sixth Sense in “Just in Case”

Photo Credit: Valerie Bourdon (@breakaleg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 12, 2020

By age 12, Nova Rose was already classically trained in violin and voice. If that isn’t enough to convince you that Rose is quite a remarkable musician, all you need to do is listen to any one of her stunning tracks. With honest lyricism and undeniable charm, Rose is delivering her intoxicating new single, “Just in Case.”

On “Just in Case,” Nova Rose shared,

“With everything happening in the world today, the goal was to capture the turbulence in the minds and the hearts of a generation unprepared for the harsh realities of 21st century dating and modern-day love stories. It also explores the feeling of anxiety, when you are dealing with insecurities within a relationship (whether that be romantic or platonic).” 

We’ve all been taught that humans only have five senses, but Rose is here to spill the beans about the sixth: sentience. Aside from Rose’s stunning vocals, “Just in Case” warns us that being aware of our surroundings can be both helpful and detrimental. The accompanying visual offers snapshots of everyday life through flower fields and water rafts, which are definitely making us miss the great outdoors. 

“The uplifting music is a representation of the beautifully constructed lies I lived in, a complete facade born out of the need to protect myself from the insecurities and embarrassment of rejection.”

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