Alex Frew Explores Anxiety and Love in “Get Out Alive”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 12, 2020

An eighteen-year-old with the whole world ahead of him, Alex Frew isn’t letting anything stop him from pursuing music. Having experienced the ups and downs of his teenage years, the Canadian newcomer channels recollections into his contemporary discography. As he makes his bold entrance, Frew is more than thrilled to deliver his fantastic debut single, “Get Out Alive.”

Having to navigate social anxiety atop love lost, Frew became overwhelmed by it all and ended up creating “Get Out Alive” as a coping mechanism. Frew’s comforting vocals are absolutely captivating and the stirring electronics truly take us on a sonic journey. This may only be Frew’s first single ever, but we’re more than confident that his future looks brighter than ever before. 

On “Get Out Alive,” Alex Frew shared,

“[‘Get Out Alive’ is about being] terrified to get out of a relationship. The fear of letting go and not knowing what will happen.” 

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