Seraphina Simone Exposes the American Dream in “Cherry”

Photo Credit: Marc Sethi (@marcsethi)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 10, 2020

2020 may not turn out to be everything we’d hoped for, but that’s not stopping Seraphina Simone from making her grand entrance. Being raised around iconic musicians, it only makes sense that Simone decided to pursue the esteemed craft herself. As we welcome Simone to the music industry, she’s treating us to a flawless debut single, “Cherry.”

On “Cherry,” Seraphina Simone explained, 

“‘Cherry’ is the voice in our heads telling us we don’t have enough– telling us to want more, buy more, be richer, be thinner, be prettier, be better than everyone else. It’s that sarky bitch who’s really mean to you and you hate her but you also kind of want to be her best friend because she’s perfect and you’re a mess.” 

With the entire world ahead of her, the indie pop newcomer boldly makes her mark with irresistible melodies and enticing vocals in “Cherry.” Simone reminds us that we already have enough money, charm, makeup, and literally everything else we could possibly want, so there’s no point in chasing our desires until there’s no life left in us. As we enter into summer, crack open a soda pop and enjoy the soothing sonics of Simone’s “Cherry.”

“It’s the voice fuelled by consumer culture and jealousy and insecurity and myths like the American Dream. It seems harmless enough even though it fucks up the planet and makes us miserable no matter how much we have. Maybe in a weird way COVID will make us realize we don’t need so much shit to be happy.”

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