nijuu Whisks Us Away to Pure Bliss with “BLUE”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 10, 2020

Fundamentally DIY, nijuu is the latest Korean dream pop wunderkind catching our airwaves, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her stellar production. Incorporating random sounds into her intriguing music, nijuu isn’t afraid to experiment with crickets and air conditioners. Before she unveils her forthcoming debut EP, nijuu in the sea, the Southeast London-based artist is spoiling us with a musing new single, “BLUE.”

“BLUE” isn’t just the opener of nijuu’s highly anticipated EP; it’s the very reason why this Korean artist deserves a coveted spot on your radar. With electric pianos layered above scattered percussion, “BLUE” offers a dreamy soundscape like no other. To top it off, nijuu’s insanely angelic vocals are completely out of this world.

On nijuu in the sea, nijuu elaborated,

“The sea is my world. It’s both my consolation and my limitation. Since I was fourteen, I’ve been thinking the entire world is the sea. I imagined I might be a fish but I live on the ground. Or I might be a person and everyone else is a sea creature. The water always made me feel free. But it has another meaning to me. We were in the water in our mum’s womb, but after we’re born, we can’t breathe underwater.”

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