LOVA Gracefully Lets Go of Her Ex and His “Black Converse”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 10, 2020

Emerging as one of Sweden’s best electro-pop artists, LOVA has certainly been winning over hearts all over the world. Although she’s only been releasing music for two years, there’s something special about LOVA that convinces us she’s destined for success. To add to her already impeccable discography, LOVA is unleashing a poignant new single, “Black Converse.” 

On “Black Converse,” LOVA explained,

“‘Black Converse’ is about a breakup that I went through a couple of years ago. At the time, I was heartbroken and at my worst. I decided that I didn’t want to write about the breakup mostly because I didn’t want my grieving process to be all about him. Instead I focused on me and my feelings only. After a few years of writing, being single and focusing on my mental health, I thought it was the right time to write a song about what I was feeling during the breakup.” 

Breakups are almost never easy. More specifically, LOVA’s past breakup wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. As she watched her ex move on to someone new, “Black Converse” came to be. And although it’s incredibly sorrowful, this is exactly what heartbroken souls need to hear. Drenched with LOVA’s captivating vocals and delicate pianos, “Black Converse” is well worth your time. 

“This specific song is about the stage in a breakup where your ex is moving on and finding someone new in front of your eyes but you are still very much emotionally invested and can’t find a way to let go of that relationship. All you want to do is to call this person and act like everything is how it used to be. But you are no longer that person who makes him feel at his best or who he wants to spend all his time with, which was something that was really hard for me to come to terms with.”

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