A Coin Has Two Sides for SVEA in “All My Exes”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 9, 2020

We all have our special gifts, and SVEA’s just so happens to be the innate ability to craft infectious pop bangers. Between her smooth vocals and captivating soundscape, SVEA continues to impress us with every fantastic release. With eye-opening concepts to share with us, SVEA is proud to present her thrilling new single, “All My Exes.” 

A crackling record player opens the melodic track, which later leads into SVEA’s confident vocals. “All My Exes” has SVEA explaining that we may not be the perfect angels we’ve always thought we were in past relationships. Resilient as ever, SVEA suggests that we try to look at things from the opposite perspective to learn more about ourselves and the surrounding world. 

On “All My Exes,” SVEA explained,

“You may think you did everyone right in your past relationships, but you might as well have been the villain in their world. There are always two sides of a coin. I may have also done wrong and my ex probably doesn’t think I have been an angel in all situations.”

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