Sabrina Lee Harbors Guilt Deep Within in “Hurt”

Photo Credit: Amelia Magee (@ameliacmagee)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 9, 2020

After being inspired by Halsey’s stunning discography, Sabrina Lee was pushed to take music seriously. The 17-year-old Korean-American has only been making music for two years, but she’s already developed such an alluring soundscape that’s impossible to ignore. Her latest single, “Hurt” offers an eye-opening coming-of-age story for the books.

Just because Lee hasn’t been in countless relationships yet doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced major heartbreak that seeps into her core. With comforting vocals and ethereal synths, “Hurt” focuses on the guilt we may harbor deep within as relationships crumble. Regardless of how your breakup came to be, let Lee relieve your heartbreak with “Hurt.”

On “Hurt,” Sabrina Lee explained,

‘“Hurt’ displays a unique perspective on the feeling of heartbreak. A relatable ‘maybe I did this to myself” kind of feeling. This is a song that proves that maybe pain doesn’t always come from a significant other’s actions, but maybe the feeling of guilt within oneself.”

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