Sock Puppets and Talking Fruit Salads Join JAWNY in “Anything You Want” Video

Photo Credit: Fryd Frydendahl (@frydfrydendahl)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 9, 2020

Guess who’s back.. Back again… It’s the one and only JAWNY. After landing a spot on our radar over a year ago, JAWNY has been absolutely dominating the indie scene with his ebullient persona and lovable charm. Without further ado, it’s about time we share JAWNY’s comedic new video for “Anything You Want.”

As a worrisome JAWNY maneuvers through quarantine alone, he begins to have freaky experiences that involve talking fruit salads and sock puppets in the “Anything You Want” visual. Created purely in a DIY fashion, the lighthearted video offers yet another taste of JAWNY’s amusing character. Quirky as ever, JAWNY has once again brought smiles to our faces in a time of restlessness.

On the “Anything You Want” video, JAWNY shared,

“We were going to shoot a video and then we had the lockdown, so we switched up to an animated video… and then that didn’t work out. Finally, Ariel sent this crazy idea through and we chatted about it for a minute and came up with this video. A quarantine love story… You can find love anywhere, anytime, man.”

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