Sugar Joans Has “No Patience” for the Past

Photo Credit: Brittany Brooks (@brittany__brooks)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 8, 2020

Naturally drawn towards the late 90s and early 2000s R&B production, Sugar Joans channels these stellar elements into her own moving discography. Her experience as a background singer for Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello only adds to her credibility as a ruthless artist. As Joans continues to build up her solo career, she’s treating us to a flawless new single, “No Patience.”

“No Patience” opens with calming plucks, which are later joined by Joans’ vivacious vocals. As Joans reflects on her past relationship and the heartbreak that came along with it, she also encourages us to keep progressing to truly be our authentic selves. It’s obvious that “No Patience” is a fantastic effort on Joans’ part, but we’re convinced that this may be her best release yet.

On “No Patience,” Sugar Joans reflected,

“We got in the studio and finished the song in pretty much three hours. From then on, we basically never stopped working together. At the time, Sveta was in NYC and we would FaceTime constantly to write while I was in the studio.”

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