Serena Sun Searches for “Something More” in Dark Times

Photo Credit: Paul Fajilan (@paulfajilan)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 29, 2020

Serena Sun is no stranger to emotions, and she tackles them head on in her moving discography. With bedroom pop and ambient influences, Sun crafts meaningful tunes with the vulnerability and openness we don’t see as often nowadays. As she continues to grow her catalogue, Sun invites you to do some self-reflecting with her melancholic new single, “Something More.”

On “Something More,” Serena Sun shared,

“I wrote this song when I was reflecting on a tumultuous past relationship and was in a place of uncertainty when it came to my career path; I honestly just didn’t know what I wanted and felt very confused and overwhelmed.” 

As we all deal with issues of various severities, “Something More” reminds us that life will get better in time. This poignant track features captivating guitars and Sun’s inescapable vocals, which are leaving us breathless. The “Something More” visual offers a revived Sun soaking in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air we may sometimes take for granted. 

“All I knew was that there had to be more to life than me just feeling sad and hopeless about the future. In that sense, this song is about craving something more when life just doesn’t feel like it’s enough.”

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