Genevieve Stokes Is “Lonely and Bored” of Her Surroundings

Photo Credit: Abbie Pitre (@abbiepitre)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 27, 2020

This is our third time covering Genevieve Stokes, but how can we not support this mesmerizing songstress? At only 18 years old, Stokes manages to wow us with her alternative pop righteousness everytime without fail. Before she unveils her highly anticipated debut EP, Stokes is teasing us with a poignant new single, “Lonely and Bored.”

On “Lonely and Bored,” Genevieve Stokes explained,

“I’ve struggled with derealization and depersonalization for a couple years now. Often I find it hard to stay grounded in reality. It can be very isolating, but luckily it gets easier to manage over time.” 

“Lonely and Bored” is a slow-burning track suited for late night deep talks with your besties. As Stokes elaborates on her experiences with dissociation, she comforts those who have felt a similar detachment. The “Lonely and Bored” visual pairs exceptionally well with the melancholic tune because of its cooler tones and slow pans. 

“‘Lonely and Bored’ is about a time in my life when I felt particularly disconnected from the world around me and my own emotions. I think a lot of people have experienced this sense of detachment, and hopefully this song helps them feel less alone.”

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