Baker Grace Seeks Genuine Human Connection in “Bottle of Wine”

Photo Credit: Jamie Noise (@jamie_noise)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 27, 2020

Baker Grace is, without a doubt, a rising pop songstress worth keeping on your radar. With a charming personality and captivating sensibilities, the 19-year-old is relentlessly charging full force ahead into the world of mainstream pop. Ahead of her sophomore EP Yourz Truly, Grace is blessing us with a chilling new single, “Bottle of Wine.”

On “Bottle of Wine,” Baker Grace shared,

“It’s about how quickly our thoughts can turn negative to see the worst in ourselves and others when we experience an absence of comfort and love.”

With subtle hints of reggae, “Bottle of Wine” is a sonic offering we can’t get enough of. In this dynamic track, Grace touches on how a lack of security can dramatically alter our senses for the worst. The Gianennio Salucci-directed visual follows a desperate Grace as she scurries throughout her apartment in search for human connection.

“The ‘Bottle Of Wine’ video was recorded prior to quarantine, but serves as a representation of what can happen when we feel disconnected to the people we love and to ourselves. I wanted to showcase the vices we can turn to in order to fulfill the void and how they end up bringing us further into our delusions and further away from ourselves. In the end, I realize all I really needed was to remember and be reminded that I am loved.”

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