[PREMIERE + Q&A] NOA Craves Froot Loops and Closure in “Motions” Video

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If you still haven’t heard of NOA, you may as well be living under a rock. This Toronto native is easily one of the most charismatic songstresses we’ve discovered yet, and she’s got an insanely gorgeous voice. With only a handful of singles under her belt, NOA is destined to be R&B/pop’s next star and today, she’s treating us to a lighthearted new video for “Motions.”

On the “Motions” video, NOA exclusively shared with us,

“Picture yourself at 12 a.m. sitting on your kitchen counter having a midnight snack, eating a bowl of Froot Loops, reminiscing about an ex. I wanted the music video to be something simple, fun, and really showcase the ebb and flows of emotion that come with a breakup. I write to give others a voice through my music and hope that people can feel a little less alone. I want people to know that they’re not the only one going through whatever it is that they’re going through.” 

Written on Valentine’s Day last year shortly following NOA’s breakup, “Motions” recounts the ups and downs of emotional breakups, as we tend to reflect on both the good and bad of ended relationships. Directed by Esther Vlessing, the new “Motions” visual is exactly what NOA had envisioned when she first released the stunning single back in February. Sporting a red hoodie and bouncy curls, NOA dances around cereal boxes without a care in the world, and that’s definitely something we can see ourselves doing after a breakup. 

“‘Motions’ walks you through all the waves of emotion that come with dealing with a breakup and I wanted the video to showcase all of that. I got to work with an incredible team on this music video. My sister, Esther Vlessing, directed it, so it was really amazing to work together on this and see our vision come to life.”

The Hidden Hits has your first look at the “Motions” video below:

To celebrate the release of her new video, we recently chatted with NOA about her favorite cereal, virtual festivals, and of course, “Motions.”

HH: So here’s the thing… we think you’re insanely talented. How did you first get into music?

N: Thank you so so much!! Music has always been a part of my life. My mom would sing and play piano with me and my siblings growing up and music was always playing in the house. After graduating Berklee College of Music in ’17, I dove head first into everything full time and have been living in the studio or onstage ever since.  

HH: How has your life changed since you moved to Los Angeles?

N: Oh, this is a good one. So much has changed and I feel like I’ve grown so much too since being back. I was on CTV’s The Launch, put out my first three singles and hit some really cool milestones along the way. Hit my first ‘Milly’ streams on Spotify too, which is crazy… (!!!) I’ve been able to build up an incredible community of friends, songwriters, and fans in Toronto and I’m so grateful to call this city my home.

HH: If you could give one piece of advice to people currently going through breakups, what would you say? 

N: Focus on the things that fulfill your soul and make you happy. Take the time to heal, reflect, and grow. We’re only human, be kind to your soul, and give yourself the time you need. 

ALSO… Eat good food and hang with your friends. That usually helps, haha.

HH: What was it like working with your sister Esther on the “Motions” music video?

N: Having my sister on set and getting to work with her was so much fun. Not only is she my best friend, but she also has the most brilliant vision and mind, so having her be a part of this project is super special. It kinda felt like we were back in our childhood basement making lip sync music videos to Hilary Duff songs, but now, we’re doing it in real time.  

HH: What’s your favorite cereal? And which do you pour into your bowl first: cereal or milk?

N: I’m a Rice Krispies kinda gal at heart, but love my Froot Loops too. And CEREAL first for sure!!! Hahah.

HH: Tell us about Homebody Music Fest! How was your first time playing a virtual festival?

N: Homebody Fest was awesome. I had the best time performing and it was really cool being on a bill with so many other incredible artists like Allan Rayman, Francesco Yates, and Ezra Jordan! I’m very grateful I could be part of such a cool initiative to support COVID relief organizations in such a challenging time.

HH: If you could turn back time and write any hit song, which would it be?

N: Tie breaker between “Bennie & The Jets” – Elton John and “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

N: “Fuck My Friends” – Eddie Benjamin
“Need Some” – Your Hunni
“3 Minutes” – JP Saxe 

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