Eliza Lee’s “26 6’2” Is an Ode to Mysterious Strangers

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 26, 2020

We’ll be the first to say that 2020 is definitely going to be Eliza Lee’s biggest year yet. Although the emerging Australian artist only made her official introduction to the music industry a few months ago, Lee already has plans to unveil her debut self-titled EP later this year. Now more driven than ever before, Lee is proud to present her intoxicating new single, “26 6’2.”

We’ve all been through it… someone comes into your life and leaves in the blink of an eye. “26 6’2” is a hypnotizing anthem for those of us who are attracted to mysterious strangers. Created entirely remotely from Australia, Tokyo, and New York, “26 6’2” features the most intriguing electronics and Lee’s utterly precious vocals. 

On “26 6’2,” Eliza Lee explained,

“‘26 6’2’ is about being instantly drawn to someone, despite not knowing them well. It was fun to explore that sense of mystery and attraction. I really wanted this track to sound the way the moment felt for me.”

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