Captiva Struggles Through Breakups with “By Your Love”

Photo Credit: Katy Claflin (@kt_claf)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 25, 2020

First gaining traction on college campuses throughout the midwest, it’s safe to say that Captiva is now ready to dominate the indie alternative realm with their incredible music. The Kansas City band has even opened for huge names like Twenty One Pilots and The 1975, so they should definitely be on your radar by now. Once again, Captiva proves themselves worthy with an entrancing new single, “By Your Love.”

On “By Your Love,” Captiva explained,

“This track is a rather personal one believe it or not. I wrote this song as a ‘cry out for redemption’ soon after a recent breakup I had with my ex-girlfriend. I struggled with depression for several months after the breakup, indicating that moving on from the whole ordeal wasn’t going very smoothly. During these rough times, all I wanted was to either regain the love that was lost, or for the grueling process of moving on to become a little easier.” 

“By Your Love” opens with Captiva’s classic guitars that transport us to better days when we could feel their infectious energy live in concert. Lyrically, “By Your Love” focuses on one particular breakup that led to months of depression as lead vocalist Jackson Ries captures his personal experience. If you’re at all a fan of indie music, Captiva is certainly well worth your time so you may as well check out all of their otherworldly discography.

“With that being said, this song is simply an expression of a broken heart struggling to fix itself. Those who have gone through a breakup before will understand that the struggle to heal is very real. I believe ‘By Your Love’ perfectly encapsulates my personal experience with it.”

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