Betty Bass Just Wants to Slow Down and “Vibe Out”

Photo Credit: Mark Andersen (@markandersenphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 25, 2020

It’s settled… Betty Bass is Scandinavia’s most deserving rising soul songstress. Though Bass only has a few singles under her belt, the accomplished artist isn’t a stranger to the music industry as she’s already worked alongside Jada and Jamila Woods. Before her career really takes off, it’s about time you familiarize yourself with Bass’ star quality with her intoxicating new single, “Vibe Out.”

Written all about flirting and moving too quickly with someone, “Vibe Out” is Bass’ way of reminding herself to slow down and evaluate her decisions beforehand. With hints of 90s R&B, trap beats, and to-die-for soul, “Vibe Out” is a stellar example of Bass’ remarkable talent. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and add Bass to your radar immediately.

On “Vibe Out,” Betty Bass shared,

“‘Vibe Out’ is about love moving too fast. About the need to slow down and enjoy what you have.”

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