Japan, Man Lives in the Moment with “I Like To Wait”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 21, 2020

Japan, Man is the newest bedroom pop star on our radar, and we’re already obsessed. Although she’s only 15, Japan, Man’s carefully crafted music can truly resonate with people of all ages. After dabbling in her existing discography, it’s no surprise to us that Japan, Man’s wholesome new single, “I Like To Wait” is absolute perfection.

In “I Like To Wait,” the rising songstress embraces living in the moment as she realizes that tomorrow doesn’t matter if we don’t live through today. With the most precious guitar plucks, “I Like To Wait” has us swooning over Japan, Man’s bedroom pop righteousness. As we count the days left of quarantine, Japan, Man invites us to make the most of every day before we no longer have that luxury. 

On “I Like To Wait,” Japan, Man shared,

“This song is written about being stuck in a certain place where you feel trapped and confused. Sometimes we feel as though life would be better if we were somewhere different with a fresh start, but in reality the only way to make life feel pleasurable is to be patient and await what is to come for us. Sometimes it’s hard to see that we have to live in the moment but when we start to do so, the time flies.”

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