Alex Mali Keeps Climbing Life’s Mountains with “I Know”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 21, 2020

Alex Mali isn’t your typical Brooklyn-born singer and songwriter. With the utmost determination running through her veins, the independent artist is here to change the R&B game with twists and turns like no other. To demonstrate this, we invite you to delve into Mali’s thrilling new single, “I Know.”

On “I Know,” Alex Mali reflected,

“I’ve been in dark times where I felt as though I’m not good enough or I wouldn’t make it to where I want to be. Whenever I thought I was actually getting somewhere in life, SIKE – I’m knocked a couple steps backward and goals seemed further away.” 

Reminding herself that she can and will prevail through life’s worst obstacles, Mali also wrote “I Know” as a way to feed that energy to others. With Mali’s hypnotizing vocals layered above catchy beats, “I Know” is a sonic offering that’s impossible to forget. The accompanying lyric video features a Memoji version of Mali with her signature green hair spitting the lyrics to “I Know.”

“This track was just a reminder to myself that I can and have come out of trash circumstances even stronger than going into them. It’s my motivation to keep climbing, remain confident, always look for the light/positivity, and I hope I can give that same energy to everyone else out there.” 

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