Peach Luffe Is Afraid of Being Happy in “Fairytale”

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Teji (@sacredgoatboy)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 20, 2020

Caught between staying in the states and returning to Korea after college, Jong Lee ended up venturing to Canada instead. Later joined by bandmates Sean Yerzy, Jonathan Friedman, and Michael Friedman, Lee found it best to create a unique project true to the talented quartet: Peach Luffe. As their first release of 2020, Peach Luffe is making a strong entrance with their woozy new single, “Fairytale.”

A touching song about being afraid of being happy, “Fairytale” has Peach Luffe reflecting on their past experiences during which they’ve been wrong to create imaginary problems in an effort to reject ultimate happiness. Drenched with hazy guitars and warm melodies, “Fairytale” just may be one of the best indie tracks we’ve heard yet. As “Fairytale” draws to a close, we’re convinced that Peach Luffe is definitely worth keeping on your radar for the foreseeable future. 

On “Fairytale,” Peach Luffe explained,

“‘Fairytale’ is about being afraid of being happy. The chorus, ‘Fairytales, Sunshine, Moonlight and Paradise’ all represent things that are happy and sad at the same time. The verse represents a relationship that’s perfectly fine but from my perspective, it’s failing. In reality, I’m just creating problems in the relationship that don’t even exist because I don’t allow myself to be happy. I have generously received funding from FACTOR Canada.”

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