Lyncs Compares “Evergreen” Trees to Our True Selves

Photo Credit: Grant Goldsworthy (@wwhhiitteeddeeeerr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 15, 2020

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Lyncs took a massive leap in her music career in 2018 that changed her life as she knew it. With dreamy melodies and wholesome lyrics, Lyncs embodies the countless life moments that pull at our heartstrings. Ready to take over the indie scene, Lyncs is blessing us with a harmonious new single, “Evergreen.”

Opening with textured beats that are later joined by graceful pianos, “Evergreen” presents itself as a gorgeous ballad about being our true selves. “Evergreen” has Lyncs reflecting on our inevitable growth, but she just as much focuses on the best parts of us that will remain even after a lifetime. Between Lyncs’ soothing vocals and the ethereal instrumentals, “Evergreen” leaves us all too soon, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this rising songstress. 

On “Evergreen,” Lyncs explained,

“Evergreen trees are found on every continent, in all weather, and year round they keep their greens. To me, that means that no matter where we go or who we become, we are still our true selves. We keep our greens as time evolves and we grow. I knew I wanted to write a song that captured the feeling of growing up and becoming my truest self, and this metaphor fit perfectly. Every time I find the meaning of life it changes.”

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