Leah Kate Confidently Follows Her Gut with “Bad Idea”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 15, 2020

Trust us when we say Leah Kate is one of electro-pop’s hidden gems. She’s always done an incredible job at capturing the young female experience, and she continues to do so with the utmost poise and confidence. As her first release of 2020, Kate is treating us to a charming new single, “Bad Idea.”

On “Bad Idea,” Leah Kate reflected,

“We all have imperfections, and can have distorted thinking caused by love or desire, and that’s okay. This internal conflict is real, it is normal, and it is something we all find ourselves needing to address at some point. Sometimes doing something that seems like a bad idea can be exhilarating and fun, and it ultimately helps us to learn about ourselves and grow. I want my listeners to feel a sense of comfort when they may be in a similar situation… to know that they’re not alone, and can bring a little light to the situation.” 

“Bad Idea” is exactly what we need to hear whenever we doubt ourselves when we really shouldn’t. As Kate encourages us to follow our guts in “Bad Idea,” the hypnotizing synths and whirling electronics leave us absolutely tongue tied. To top it off, the accompanying lyric video is everything we could ask for in Kate’s tale of forbidden love. 

“I am a big advocate of following your gut and listening to your heart. Whether someone is making a choice about what job to take, what to say to someone, if they should move to another city or not, or a romantic situation like mine – this internal conflict extends beyond making bad choices with just lovers. Look for the light and the lesson when making any choice, and lean in when your gut tells you to. Living and learning is fun!”

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