Sour Face Redefines Their Perceptions in “Paradise Ain’t So Cheap”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 14, 2020

Fresh onto the scene is a captivating Los Angeles duo you can’t miss: Sour Face. Lead vocalist Dylan Bond named the band as an acknowledgement of his ongoing journey to sobriety, which explains Sour Face. Now taking a step in the right direction, Sour Face is making their entrancing debut with a lovely new single, “Paradise Ain’t So Cheap.”

On “Paradise Ain’t So Cheap,” Sour Face shared,

”We’ve been trying to redefine what our perception of paradise is. Like, who is this white bearded man they are telling me is in the sky? Why the hell am I all the way down here in bed with food poisoning from Postmates? Is this paradise?”

With charming falsettos and booming electronics, “Paradise Ain’t So Cheap” is a fantastic introduction to Sour Face. As the talented pair discusses their views on the many optimistic visions of paradise, this slow-burning track has us swaying along with our eyes shut, but not for eternity. Just like many of us, Sour Face is simply trying to figure out what’s worth holding onto and what to let go of.

“‘Paradise Ain’t So Cheap’ is about the search for beauty in the struggle. Waking up in a pool of sweat with your heart racing knowing the day is just getting started isn’t very beautiful, but what comes from it, can be.”

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