Easy Life Saves Us from Infinite Boredom with ‘see you later maybe never (demos)’

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 13, 2020

Although Easy Life has only been around for a few years, they’re certainly not a group you’d want to underestimate. As the Leicester-based indie/R&B quintet faces the pandemic just like the rest of us, Easy Life is making the most of this idle time by crafting their long-awaited debut album. But before that, Easy Life is holding us off with a pair of delectable tracks: ‘see you later maybe never (demos).’

Whereas the first track “peanut butter” features powerful brass elements, “petty crime” incorporates insanely groovy bass lines. Needless to say, both demos are equally compelling as they touch on human tendencies and quarantine life. To spoil us even more, Easy Life is treating us to a self-isolation music video shot in parts for the entrancing “peanut butter.” 

On see you later maybe never, Easy Life shared,

“[‘see you later maybe never (demos)’ are] two tracks we’ve cooked up since the dreaded corona started. We wanted to put something out to spare people from the infinite boredom that is lockdown and also just to keep ourselves entertained. Pretty simple really, just a couple of tunes to make people smile and get them through the day.”

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