[Q&A] Latir’s ‘UNTIL FOREVER’ Offers Enlightenment to Us All

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 7, 2020

There’s no denying that Latir is exceptionally versed when it comes to alternative R&B, but would you believe us if we said that he’s become one of the go-to writers in London? On a mission to affect people through his emotive music, Latir is really a man of the people. Allow yourself to be enlightened by Latir’s wisdom with his inspiring new six-track EP, UNTIL FOREVER.

On UNTIL FOREVER, Latir explained,

“I really want to make music that affects people, inspired by their moments… whether it’s love or other stuff. My aim is to transcend people now and forever, to make them really relate, and feel. In the most nostalgic, melancholic, chill way ever.” 

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Latir about his underlying themes, affecting people through music, and of course, UNTIL FOREVER.

HH: As someone who finds inspiration in practically everything life has to offer, it makes sense that your avant-garde style is so intriguing. What exactly influences your musical sound?

L: Honestly I’m not even sure! Growing up, passions in specific genres ended up blending together, along with some underlying themes which remained consistent (i.e. love, youth, all things nostalgia). I suppose it’s all my experiences, both told as direct stories and further romanticised. Sonically, hip hop drums, indie guitars, and throwback jazz melodies tend to resonate with me the most, resulting in what you hear!

HH: You’ve earned a great reputation as one of the go-to writers in London, but which musical artist would you most want to write a song for? 

L: The artists I’d want to write songs for, they inspire me to a point where I look up to them way too much to ever think of creating for them! But for the sake of the question and with confidence and love for their art… Frank Ocean, Miguel, Nick Hakim, and Chet Baker!

HH: UNTIL FOREVER consists of six incredible songs that share multiplate sides to you and your personal life. Were any tracks more difficult to write than the others?  

L: Thank you, firstly!! The most difficult songs to write for me were “Only You” and “The Bridge Monkey;” these were two of the more mellow concepts, both based around current and post-heartbreaks… pain, for me and for the most part, is harder to convey than joy!

HH: You’ve always encouraged your listeners to live in the moment and dream big. Which song on UNTIL FOREVER would you say people who haven’t quite gotten the memo should listen to?

L: “The Bridge Monkey” for sure. I love all of the songs equally as they strongly represent different moments. However, this entire journey started with that song conceptually, and sonically it started with “Wallflower.” Those two represent me quite a bit!

HH: What was it like working with Calper on “Blue Roses?”

L: It was wonderful… I had an idea in mind and figured out the mood whilst sitting on his keyboard, once I’d spoken to him about the fleeting moment I’d had whereby I’d lost a potential moment of love… the chords came pretty quickly and once we quickly tapped into all things nostalgia and mellow (as Calper and I seem to do quite naturally as we both resonate with similar moods), the song kind of just wrote itself!

HH: You’ve shared that your overall goal is to affect people through music. In what ways has music done this for you? 

L: Yes, it is indeed… I’ve had people speak to me in times of heartbreak, and in times of joy in love… I always wanted my music to serve as a backdrop or a timepiece in the lives and moments of people… the same way I have songs and albums that represent moments for me. I feel as though if I’ve transcended through, the above… I’ve succeeded in a way. Touching others directly and aiding their moments with my stories in the hope that they might relate, is everything to me.

HH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be? 

L: Kanye West.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

L: 4i – “Closer”
Olivia Nelson – “Back To You”
Ayelle – “Boy”

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