Cj Pandit Feels Alone in a Crowded Room in “Talk Talk Talk!”

Photo Credit: Joe Vozza (@vzavz)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 7, 2020

Born and based in Leicester, Cj Pandit is easily one of the most heartwarming talents we’ve come to know. The indie pop artist exemplifies heart-on-sleeve songwriting, and his listeners genuinely resonate with every love-filled track he releases. Although he only has three singles to his name, Pandit is already turning heads with his synthy new single, “Talk Talk Talk!”

Written about feeling alone even with people surrounding us, “Talk Talk Talk!” has Pandit connecting with those who simply want to escape for a night. Between the jaunty keys and ‘80s reminiscent synths, “Talk Talk Talk!” is everything we could’ve asked for. The no-frills “Talk Talk Talk!” visual offers some sort of interpretive dance as we break down the vulnerable lyrics.

On “Talk Talk Talk!,” Cj Pandit reflected,

“It’s me trying to understand what it means to feel alone in a group of people, when everything gets a little overwhelming, and the idea that it’s okay to just disappear into the night. Also it’s got a big piano solo that I’d hope Bruce Hornsby would be proud of.”

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