Wes Reeve’s “Don’t Worry” Is a Modern Lullaby for Adults

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 6, 2020

Wes Reeve often finds herself stuck in her head, but we don’t blame her because with a mind as creative and intriguing as hers, we’d probably do the same. Drawing inspiration from the fantasy worlds of Disney and Studio Ghibli, Reeve crafts the most delicate tunes that’ll certainly have you falling in love with this Los Angeles-based songstress. As Reeve continues to release one song every week for 52 weeks, let her whisk you away with “Don’t Worry.”

On “Don’t Worry,” Wes Reeve reflected,

“‘Don’t Worry’ was written during quarantine when I had been trying really hard to get a new song out. I was spending every day sitting at my keyboard and writing by myself. It felt like everything I was writing was contrived and uninspired, and I felt exhausted with music and being an artist in general.” 

The tranquil sonics of “Don’t Worry” are reminiscent of the lullaby melodies we can’t seem to forget from our childhoods. With charming flutes and gorgeous pianos, “Don’t Worry” has Reeve comforting us amidst the current pandemic. As Reeve lets us know that we’re untouchable so long as we remain strong and positive, our hope is restored in just under two and a half minutes.

“I’d written a few lines of this chorus a few months before and when I started working on it again, the lyrics came automatically. I like to think it was my subconscious sending me a message not to worry about what happens in life. Good could be bad, bad could be good, but it’s all gonna be fine.”

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