[Q&A] Billyracxx Transforms the Rap World with ‘Butterflies, Pt. 2’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 6, 2020

Although Billyracxx always drops the most astounding visuals, his boundless music alone is more than enough to set off your rap radar. The Houston-based stunner serves as both the writer and creative director for all of his projects, so there’s no reason to expect anything short of greatness. As Billyracxx strives to get his records heard throughout the world, he follows up his latest with a fantastic new EP, Butterflies, Pt. 2.

On Butterflies, Pt. 2, Billyracxx shared,

“I feel like no one knows what a butterfly sounds like, or takes the time to appreciate them. But I notice every time one flies by, or one is even in the vicinity. I feel like I’m the butterfly and I’m just the first one to make people hear my sounds.”

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Billyracxx about live shows, BILL$, and of course, Butterflies, Pt. 2.

HH: For those who don’t know, how did you come up with the name Billyracxx?

B: Well, my last name is Billy. I’ve never been one of them artists who wanted to come up with some out there name just to draw attention. I didn’t wanna stray too far away from who I am for real. So I went by BILL$ at first. Then one day one of the homies in Austin was like, “Bro you live like you rich already, yo name should be Billyracxx.” I know a gem when I hear it, so I just ran with it. That quick. He wasn’t even thinking that deep when he said it. But I lowkey went with the vision. 

HH: Where did the concept of Butterflies originate from? 

B: It originated right before I went to London last year in August, I think. Normally when I get a vibe in my head, whether it be a sound or in this case a butterfly, everything else around that creatively starts to flow perfectly with it. Nobody knows what a butterfly sounds like and so that idea really captures me.

HH: How would you compare Part 1 to Part 2?

B: Part 1 is way more commercial, but Part 2 is a little ‘talk more grimey’ and the familiar Billyracxx sound.

HH: Were they both created in the same way? 

B: When I make music, I go in the studio for a hot wholesome record every time. So when I put myself in that whole butterfly transfer, every record I pumped out seemed to be in the perfect pocket for this project!

HH: Would you dare say that you’re prouder of one more than the other? 

B: Naw. Yo, to be honest I got hits with projects from last year that I would put up against a lot of the shit that’s dropped in the industry this year.

HH: Your music videos are honestly just as impressive as the music itself. What’s been your favorite music video to shoot so far? 


HH: What do you miss most about live shows/concerts? 

B: I literally get on stage and lose my shit. Sometimes it’s an out of body experience. So that element alone is something feed off of. Put the bag with that and it’s obvious a nigga miss that shit.

HH: If you could pick anyone in the music industry to be your mentor, who would it be?

B: Lil Wayne or Lady Gaga or Donald Glover. 

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

B: Man, I don’t know. I don’t believe in the word “underrated.” I’m gonna just name some of my homies that got some hits out:
Keith Lawson – “Villains”
KIDA KUDZ – “Active”
KILLY – “Sailor Moon”
2xx Pheno – “Supreme”

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