Rapta Is “Seasick” from Ever-Changing Emotions

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 1, 2020

Taking inspiration from the likes of Travis Scott and Post Malone, Rapta is the next pop-trap crooner you’ll hear on the radio. The Boston native already has an impressively lengthy discography to secure his spot on our radar, but his most recent efforts are what will really catapult Rapta’s career. If you don’t believe us, let Rapta win your respect with his glorious new single, “Seasick.”

As someone who grew up spitting major bars, Rapta discovered the perfect formula for crafting memorable tracks that people will gravitate towards without fail. With stirring electronics and top notch beats, “Seasick” takes us on a three part journey through various moods and perspectives. Although he hasn’t produced radio hits quite yet, Rapta is bound to surprise us all with his 2020 looking brighter than ever.

On “Seasick,” Rapta shared,

“‘Seasick’ was inspired by my constant flux of emotions due to uncertainty. The title serves as a metaphor for the way the record makes you feel and the way I personally felt in the process of making it. The song breeds a trilogy taking the listener on an experience of ups and downs; there are three entirely different moods and perspectives in each of the parts.’’

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