Escape Life for a Moment with Peach Tree Rascals’ “not ok”

Photo Credit: Jorge Olazaba (@jaoajo)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 1, 2020

Peach Tree Rascals has been on our radar for quite some time, but this Los Angeles-based collective fully deserves that praise. A five-piece that fully writes, records, produces, conceptualizes, and films their own material, Peach Tree Rascals isn’t like other rising acts. Without further ado, allow yourself to be amazed by Peach Tree Rascals’ magic touch with their dynamic new single, “not ok.”

Between the whirling electronics and wholesome guitars, “not ok” showcases the vast soundscapes of Peach Tree Rascals that we’ve fallen in love with. As they discuss escapism in depth, Peach Tree Rascals suggests that sometimes we need to go to extremes to escape our troubling thoughts. Directed by Jorge Olazaba, the “not ok” visualizer places us in the middle of a busy street and a late night dance party for one. 

On “not ok,” Peach Tree Rascals shared,

“‘not ok’ is a song we wrote from the perspective of wanting to escape from a moment because you’re feeling too bad to actually be in the present. The song is almost trippy. It’s like being in another dimension. Sometimes when things are rough and I need to escape my thoughts, I do anything I can to get to that other place in my mind, no matter how strange it is, to escape my own mind.”

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