JUJ Does Major Soul Searching with “I Still Cry At Parties”

Photo Credit: Jayy Delaghetto (@jayypan)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 1, 2020

After relocating from the east coast to the opposite side of the country, JUJ has been honing her craft with the utmost determination. What’s so special about JUJ is her ability to reach listeners of every social status, which she does with considerable care and attention. As her first release of 2020, JUJ is back with a dreamy new single, “I Still Cry At Parties.”

On “I Still Cry At Parties, JUJ reflected,

“I wrote ‘I Still Cry At Parties’ two weeks before I turned 20 in February. I had been feeling like many do in their late teens and early twenties–very lost. I felt like I was going through so many life changes and I didn’t really know myself and that scared me.” 

Although JUJ may only be 20 years old, she joins the countless young people doing some serious soul searching. Between the playful electronics and whirling beats, “I Still Cry At Parties” offers an emotionally raw JUJ fully exposing her fears and worries. If you’ve ever felt out of place literally anywhere, “I Still Cry At Parties” is something you need to hear. 

“I would occasionally go to parties and venture out as an escape to how I was feeling, but I’d always end up leaving more sad. The more I’d try to forget, the more I was reminded. I was nervous feeling like I didn’t have it all figured out, but eventually I came to terms with being okay with still having a lot to learn about myself and not having it figured out and that’s finally when I felt okay.”

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