ALITA Works Through Her Commitment Issues with “Too Close”

Photo Credit: Austin Hodaie (@blacksnow_films)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // May 1, 2020

By age six, ALITA was passionately hitting Mariah Carey’s falsettos at her kindergarten talent show. Fast forward to present day and the aspiring musician has three original singles to her name, but 2020 is only seeing the start of her promising career. With limitless potential, ALITA connects with even more people throughout the world with her precious new single, “Too Close.”

A modern breakup ballad, “Too Close” unravels a confusing relationship between two people that aren’t entirely sure where they stand. With ALITA’s stunning vocals layered over luscious synths, “Too Close” is the perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever been faced with commitment issues. Because of its refreshing charm, “Too Close” seems like a song we’d blast on a drive along the breezy coast–which is exactly what the accompanying visualizer is.

On “Too Close,” ALITA reflected,

“It’s that moment of fear in a new relationship, when you realize you’re past the point of return – you’re past the moment when this person is just a new face in your life. Now their presence carries weight and meaning, you start wondering when they’re going to call or text, you can’t stop thinking about them. And then, the commitment issues start to show up… cutting things off is really hard and releasing this song feels like a bookend to that whole situation.” 

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