Tycho Jones Relieves our Anxiety with “Don’t Be Afraid”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 30, 2020

Not only is London the hometown of Tycho Jones, but it’s also where he’s been introduced to the eclectic sonics that have shaped his current musical style. The alternative pop stunner may only have a handful of singles to his name, but Jones’ future is astoundingly promising. Staying true to his signature theme of internal struggles, Jones continues to impress us with a hypnotic new single, “Don’t Be Afraid.”

As someone who’s dealt with anxiety for quite some time, Jones took it upon himself to comfort those who are struggling by way of “Don’t Be Afraid.” With pulsating synths and ethereal vocals, “Don’t Be Afraid” draws us into Jones’ ideal state of sanity. Although Jones is a product of Generation Z, he seems like an intellectual who’s experienced much more than he lets on.

On “Don’t Be Afraid,” Tycho Jones explained,

“‘Don’t Be Afraid’ was a song I wrote while going through a deep patch of anxiety whilst in New Zealand. After three intense days of isolation and panic attacks, it just poured out of me. Most of the song was a freestyle that my unconscious trying to encourage myself to focus on reality and get out of my head.”

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