Sarah Barrios Makes Her Girl-Next-Door Debut with “I Didn’t Mean To”

Photo Credit: Cameron Postforoosh (@cameronpostforoosh)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 29, 2020

We’re so very pleased to introduce you to your newest pop obsession: Sarah Barrios. Originally from Connecticut, Barrios was surrounded by music as a child and often partook in family jam sessions. Without further ado, allow yourself to be blown away by Barrios’ infectious debut single, “I Didn’t Mean To.”

Opening with the most precious acoustic plucks, “I Didn’t Mean To” gives off girl-next-door vibes as the effervescent track leads into Barrios’ bubbly vocals. As she seeks clarity in past blunders, “I Didn’t Mean To” serves as a reminder that everyone makes mistakes every now and then. The lighthearted visual follows Barrios as she attempts to write an apology letter to the person she wronged, but how will the recipient respond?

On “I Didn’t Mean To,” Sarah Barrios explained,

“Like okay, I messed up, not cool, but now what? Do I call? Text? Say nothing? Say everything? Send a letter? How do I fix it? Wait, I’m sorry, it might actually be me not you.”

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