GAYLE Learns to Let Go with “happy for you”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 27, 2020

GAYLE has been singing at farmers’ markets and art walks since she was nine, but something changed when she moved to Nashville, which is popularly known as Music City. Suddenly, her small-scale performances seemed like they weren’t enough for the rising musician, and she began to focus on crafting songs people could deeply relate to. Now that she’s gotten her foot in the door, GAYLE is proud to present her emotional new single, “happy for you.”

On “happy for you,” GAYLE reflected,

“‘happy for you’ is the first song I’m releasing that addresses a relationship. It represents my mindset through losing a significant other. I wrote the song because I was happy with the growth someone was having outside of me, but I was saddened by the fact that it was only adding space between.”

“happy for you” draws us in immediately with melancholic strumming that nearly brings tears to our eyes, and that’s all before we hear GAYLE’s stunning vocals. As “happy for you” relays the pain felt in GAYLE’s personal life, we sense that this 15-year-old truly does have an unmatched way with words. The no-frills “happy for you” is everything it needs to be: simple enough for the emotional track itself to have its time to shine. 

“‘happy for you’ is about someone I love very much, but our relationship was not healthy. When we broke up, I wanted him to gain independence outside of me and create a life for himself. He did just that, and I was so happy for him, but it hurt knowing he didn’t need me anymore. It’s so hard when two people want to be together, but know that they aren’t meant to be in each others’ lives any longer.”

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