Every Day Is a “Good Day” for YONAS

Photo Credit: Ken Pham (@ken_cinema)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 24, 2020

With the world currently experiencing major chaos, YONAS took it upon himself to lift our spirits with the #GOODDAYCHALLENGE. Other than encouraging his fans to share how they’re staying positive during the pandemic, YONAS has been crafting positive tunes to provide even more comfort. If you’re past due for a solid mood booster, allow YONAS to treat you with his cheery new single, “Good Day.”

On “Good Day,” YONAS shared,

“I often think about music made during slavery. One major thing I learned is how beautifully simple the lyrics sounded on the surface, until you dove into the history, the stories, the references, the deeper meaning. It’s like artwork you can stare at for days because of the beauty on the surface, and then over time your eyes adjust and you begin to see the texture and layers that can only be seen by taking the time.”

Opening with the most playful keys, “Good Day” has YONAS recognizing that a simple switch in our mindsets can have such a dramatic effect on our overall moods. The danceable track instantly slaps a wholesome smile on our faces as YONAS helps us find light in the darkness. Between “Good Day” and the #GOODDAYCHALLENGE, YONAS is doing more than enough to spread positivity and optimism every day.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do with my music from the beginning. Make the harsh realities a little easier to digest. Hide the medicine in the candy.”

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