Cody Lovaas Is “Tired” of Making Excuses for Himself

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 24, 2020

At just 14 years old, Cody Lovaas was discovered by Jason Mraz, who knew this aspiring musician would be a worthy protégé. After years of mentorship with the esteemed songwriter, Lovaas has become a driving force within emerging pop artists. Ahead of his forthcoming EP Pull Out Couch, Lovaas is proud to present a stellar new single, “Tired.”

On “Tired,” Cody Lovaas explained,

“‘Tired’ was written from the perspective of having too much empathy for a world that you don’t feel like you are able to change. During the creation of this song, I sort of made a promise to myself to stop making excuses and to live the life I want to live tomorrow, today.” 

Some people may wait around until the new year begins to form resolutions, but Lovaas is no longer one of them. Frustrated by the way the world operates, Lovaas compromises by agreeing to change his own lifestyle in “Tired.” The accompanying visual features Lovaas sprinting for his dear life as he makes his way through the city, canyon, and desert with determination in his eyes. 

“I didn’t intend for this song to come out during the pandemic we are in right now, but my exhaustion has been amplified, and therefore my drive to live for today has been amplified.”

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