ALIX and NEZZA Search for Closure with “Good”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 24, 2020

A Bay Area native, ALIX grew up dreaming of performing on the enormous festival stages she’d been gazing at from the pit for so long. Now that she’s gaining major traction in the R&B scene, we wouldn’t be surprised to see ALIX on the next Coachella lineup. But before that, ALIX is leaving us stunned with her sensuous new single, “Good.”

On “Good,” ALIX reflected,

“Being stuck in the house is forcing us to spend time with ourselves and our thoughts. We have people from the past right at our fingertips with a new reason to reach out. NEZZA, Paul Sikoral, and I wrote a song about closure. About realizing you’re finally over someone you never thought you would be. But moving on is complicated. There’s a newfound feeling that you honestly hope they’ve moved on too, but there’s a tiny part of you that maybe hopes they still think about you.”

With a helping hand from pop songstress NEZZA, “Good” captures the very essence of trying to move on from an ex but still hoping they’re not completely over you. Whether it be ALIX’s undeniable charm or NEZZA’s loveable personality, “Good” has a magical touch like no other. For those of you who aren’t totally done with your ex, listen to this sultry track and realize you’re more than capable of leaving the past where it belongs.

“NEZZA and I connected to this concept strongly. We have both experienced this many times with many relationships. I think most of us have experienced this in some way or another. This song has been therapeutic to me; I hope it can be the same for you. I am honored to share the song with the talented NEZZA. With her performance, the song was brought to life.”

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