Spencer Sutherland Offers “Help” in a Time of Chaos and Stress

Photo Credit: Lexie Alley (@lexiealley)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2020

Spencer Sutherland has the falsetto of an angel that can do no wrong, and we’re so very blessed to have this rising Ohio talent on our radar. Fusing together neo-soul with modern pop, Sutherland captivates listeners left and right with ease. Ahead of his sophomore EP, Sutherland is giving us a hearty preview of the forthcoming project with “Help.”

“Help” was inspired by events that unfolded nearly a year ago for Sutherland, but now he has come to realize that this personal track has adopted an entirely new meaning in light of the current pandemic. As we all face heightened levels of stress and anxiety, “Help” offers comfort and reassurance even when times are grim. Between Sutherland’s awe-inspiring falsetto and the breathtaking harmonies, “Help” leaves us completely blown away.

On “Help,” Spencer Sutherland shared,

“I feel ‘Help’ is super relevant and it conveys the current sentiment and will really connect with listeners… I believe people will relate with the emotions and lyrics as they are struggling with their own increased stress, anxiety, and depression brought on by the feeling of isolation and uncertainty of the current global crisis.” 

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