Selmer’s “New Me” Is Dedicated to Our Early 20s

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2020

Although there are plenty of indie pop acts worthy of your attention, Selmer is one of the best rising Oslo-based artists out there. What sets Selmer apart from others is his indisputable dedication to his craft as he perfects every verse, bar, and line to a tee. Now that he’s finally ready to take 2020 by storm, Selmer is proud to present his first otherworldly single of the year: “New Me.”

With a new year comes growth and progression for most, and we can safely say this is the case for Selmer. As he maps his personal growth in “New Me,” we can’t help but bask in the abundance of wavy guitars and delectable bass lines. By the end of “New Me,” Selmer has us thinking back on our best and worst moments from our early 20s.

On “New Me,” Selmer reflected,

“I wrote ‘New Me’ in between takes of the ‘Thinking Freely’ music video. The song is about my transition from being a vulnerable teenager to becoming a young adult, where pretty cool things started to happen in my life. It’s the soundtrack of my life’s turning point. I made three different verses for ‘New Me’ before I landed on this version.” 

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