Mind Shrine Takes Us Around New York City in “5 Long Days” Video

Photo Credit: Aaron Moreno (@thechump_)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2020

The talented members of Mind Shrine truly are the best of friends. Although the indie quartet has only been together for four years, Mind Shrine has already performed alongside big name acts like HOMESHAKE and Beach Fossils. As a rising band that embodies maturity and charisma that other emerging groups struggle with, Mind Shrine continues to turn heads with a lively new video for “5 Long Days.”

On the “5 Long Days” video, Mind Shrine explained,

“The reasoning behind the filming in NYC instead of LA was a bit satirical considering ‘5 Long Days’ is a song about the difficulties we encountered in LA–from completely getting ghosted by the person who brought us out there to searching up and down LA for a place to stay.”

With woozy guitars and moody bass lines, “5 Long Days” is about tough situations the Houston-based band endured in sunny Los Angeles as they were forced to find their own place in the gigantic city. The “5 Long Days” visual was shot in various settings throughout New York City to highlight the complexities of finding one place to call home. If you’ve never been to New York before, allow Mind Shrine to introduce you to the Big Apple with the “5 Long Days” video. 

“Much like when we were in LA, we spent time in a plethora of different neighborhoods in NYC to show the juxtaposition in the lyrics and film. The song is about various neighborhoods in LA and the video is showcasing that in NYC. We still have so much love for LA though, haha.”

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