[Q&A] Ezra Jordan Breaks Down Relationship Stages with ‘Cheap Therapy’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 23, 2020

Even life-threatening experiences can’t hold Ezra Jordan back. 18 months of rehabilitation and recovery weren’t easy for the rising Canadian artist, but Jordan prevailed and went full force into his music career after discovering his passion for songwriting while his life was on hold. An impressive collection of stories that break down relationship stages, Cheap Therapy is Jordan’s stellar debut EP that’s definitely putting him on the map.

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Ezra Jordan about his recovery, goals, and of course, Cheap Therapy.

HH: There’s no doubt that you’re an insanely gifted pianist, but who are your favorite pianists? Are there any classical arrangements that you really love?

EJ: Back when I was learning more classical stuff during my piano lessons growing up, I always loved the chord voicings of Debussy. When it comes to more modern stuff, I always admired the playing of Stephan Moccio. His own instrumental piano music is excellent, but to me what really stands out is his piano and string arrangements on other pop or adult contemporary music that he’s produced.

HH: After a life-threatening injury, you discovered your knack for passionate songwriting. What did you find yourself writing about when you first get into the craft?

EJ: When I first began writing, I was fresh out of a long recovery, so I mostly wrote about the way that the past year had made me feel. I had watched all my friends go off to university and have a blast at school, so I wrote about how it felt to miss out on all of those experiences, as well as the fear and anxiety I went through while dealing with the possibility of losing my leg at age 18.

HH: We can confidently say that Cheap Therapy is an absolute masterpiece. What’s your overall message behind the EP?

EJ: Well first of all, thank you, that’s really kind. The EP was written about the entire life cycle of a relationship–from the beginning honeymoon phase, all the way to when the cracks started to form and we eventually broke up, and finally through all of the difficult emotions you feel in the aftermath. I guess the message I want people to take away after listening to it is that these things are hard for everybody. Even though you can’t always see it from the outside looking in, everybody has a hard time dealing with these kinds of emotional hurdles, and even though it isn’t always a simple or linear process, time heals all wounds.

HH: “Waiting For You” is easily one of our favorite tracks off the EP. Which song would you say resonates with you the most?

EJ: They all hold their own special place in my heart, but I think that “Let It Out” has the most personal meaning to me. It’s all about coming to terms with how you feel and giving yourself permission to feel that way. It doesn’t matter how good the reasons are behind a decision, sometimes the way it makes you feel is unavoidable, and that’s okay.

HH: What are your thoughts on therapy? What would you say to people who are afraid to seek therapy? 

EJ: I think therapy is a wonderful thing. My grandmother was a marriage counsellor, and almost everyone in my family has been in some kind of cognitive therapy at some point in their life. I think there’s a stigma around therapy that it’s only for people with serious mental issues or something, but that isn’t true. Life can be hard sometimes, and everybody could use a hand processing the way that they feel in a constructive way that doesn’t lead to more problems down the road.

HH: Although you’re not known by millions just yet, we definitely envision that for your future. What are some of your goals as a musician? Have you already accomplished some?

EJ: I’ve accomplished some of my smaller goals, but I have bigger ones that I’m still working on. Reaching a million streams on a single song was a goal that felt great to accomplish, as well as releasing this EP. But I want to go on a tour across the United States, which I’m already starting to think about once it’s safe to be outside again!

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

EJ: In no particular order, I’ve been loving “High Hopes” by Patrick Droney, “Hotel Shower” by Zoe Sky Jordan (also happens to be my sister!), and “Another Way Around” by Luca Fogale.

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