Drinker Reflects on Emotional Detachment in “Even If I Know”

Photo Credit: Ariel Loh (@lohariel)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 22, 2020

Being thousands of miles apart is hardly an obstacle for Drinker. Singer-songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer-composer Ariel Loh have been operating from opposite coasts for a few years now, and it has actually brought forth some of their best work yet. Making a splash with their first release of 2020, Drinker is proving that they’re better than ever with an ethereal new single, “Even If I Know.”

On “Even If I Know,” Drinker shared,

“‘Even If I Know’ started to take shape at the end of a week-long writing trip. After spending a couple of days with a song we ended up bailing on, we wanted to take a new direction with this and not force it into a traditional songwriting mold. We had been listening to a lot of Ry X and Rival Consoles at the time and started to focus on making a dark, dance track.” 

Written about self-acknowledgement and emotional detachment, “Even If I Know” invites willing listeners to do some self reflecting. This moody track showcases the minimalist stylings of Drinker that we’ve grown so very fond of. To top it off, Drinker has unveiled the black-and-white “Even If I Know” video that incorporates Brutalist architecture and stop-motion animation that’ll make you appreciate art at a deeper level. 

“For Ariel and me, in our process of collaborating from opposite coasts, we are both able to bring a lot of our individuality into Drinker. A lot of the times the product isn’t just the distillation of time spent working together, but rather the product of our separate journeys in different places, and it always produces surprises. ‘Even If I Know’ is an exciting step for us on this path as we find ways to coexist under one roof from such a great distance apart.”

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