Hannah Grace Says There’s No Such Thing as “Wasted Love”

Photo Credit: Saskia Lawson (@_saskialawson)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 21, 2020

Hannah Grace may have supported Hozier on tour and been tweeted about by Lady Gaga, but these aren’t reasons for her success. We have full faith that Grace’s considerable prosperity stems from her authenticity as an artist and her ability to transport listeners to other eras of music. Ahead of her forthcoming debut album, Grace is blessing us with a heartwarming new single, “Wasted Love.”

This gorgeous track has Grace comforting the broken hearted in a way not many can. With gentle keys and lovely vocals, “Wasted Love” serves as a reminder to those of us who have ever once thought we wasted our love on someone who ended up leaving us in so much pain and suffering. Even if you’ve never been through such intense heartbreak, Grace’s stunning vocals in “Wasted Love” will definitely bring tears to your eyes. 

On “Wasted Love,” Hannah Grace reflected,

“I wrote ‘Wasted Love’ as a message to my past self. The song is about reassuring someone who is heartbroken that no love is wasted, even if it feels like it at the time.”

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