Ben Hazlewood Yearns for Peace with “Lay Me Down”

Photo Credit: Max Fairclough (@maxfairclough)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 21, 2020

A glam-rock enthusiast from Australia, Ben Hazlewood is our latest alternative pop obsession that’s about to leave you stunned. Although he already has four EPs to his name, it wasn’t until now that we fully understand how vital Hazlewood is to the alternative pop scene. Hazlewood spent most of last year perfecting his debut album Bloodline, and now he’s offering us a generous preview by way of a captivating new single, “Lay Me Down.”

Hazlewood has never been one to hide his passion, but “Lay Me Down” has the emerging Australian artist channeling his deepest emotions like never before. Between the driving percussion and wholesome guitars, Hazlewood’s fierce vocals ring loud and clear in “Lay Me Down.” The accompanying visual shows Hazlewood and company among the night sky as they interpretively dance their sorrows away.

On “Lay Me Down,” Ben Hazlewood shared,

“This song is about yearning for the comfort of the one you love, trying to find peace in a time surrounded by darkness.”

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