[Q&A] Jutes’ ‘Overrated’ Is Most Definitely Underrated

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 20, 2020

One of Capitol Records’ most recent signees, Jutes is here to lead the hybrid genre of pop punk, alternative, and hip hop to prosperity. The Los Angeles based genre bender only has one EP under his belt, but Overrated and Jutes are anything but overrated. With seven tracks to introduce us to the intriguing Jutes, Overrated is truly turning heads worldwide. 

On Overrated, Jutes shared,

“Thank you everyone who has been showing made love for ‘Overrated.’ I put my whole fucking soul into this music shit. It’s brought me the highest highs and the lowest lows but when everything else is stripped away, it just comes down to a special bond I have created with people who feel like the same things I feel.I have so many issues but you guys accept me. If my music has helped you like it helps me, then I’ve done what I always set out to do. I couldn’t ask for better fans and supporters… Thank you forever. Love you.”

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Jutes about record labels, self deprecation, and of course, Overrated.

HH: First off… How has your life changed since you signed with Capitol Records?!

J: I’m able to work with people I couldn’t afford before signing. Music lovers exist but money talks, unfortunately, so being independent is definitely tough sometimes. I also got to make a big fancy music video with a whole film set instead of me and my homie buying a $25 half broken VHS camera and shooting my videos around the city on our own.

HH: Your hybrid style of alternative, pop punk, and hip hop certainly catches people’s attention. How did you come across this fusion?

J: Well, when I started making music I couldn’t sing to save my life. So being heavily into hip hop, I thought I’d just be a rapper instead. This never truly felt like I was being my true self but I loved it regardless. Over years of practicing and trying to sing my hooks I gradually transitioned into being an actual singer, which I still find weird to say. The pop punk influence is just organically the kind of melodies that come out of me. That was the shit when I was growing up.

HH: Your Overrated EP is an absolute masterpiece. Why did you decide to call it Overrated?

J: I’m a very self deprecating dude. I don’t take myself too seriously at all and have no problem ripping on my weaknesses. I thought it would be funny having the EP pop off and get played everywhere, so I could be like, ‘See, I told you this project is totally overrated.’ On the flip side, now lots of people say Overrated is so underrated, which also is funny to me.

HH: Whether it’s the stirring electronics or electrifying guitars, Overrated is full of sonic gems. Which track did you have the most difficulty with? 

J: Difficult can mean two things for me. The titled track “Overrated” was the most vocally challenging to sing, that stupid screechy hook. I was losing it and almost bailed from the studio because I couldn’t hit the notes. Emotionally, “I’m Not Ready” was the hardest to get through because it’s about my uncle who passed a year ago and I kept having to stop myself from crying so I could get the takes.

HH: If you could be an opener for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, or Outkast, who would you pick?

J: I mean, Chili Peppers would be the ultimate surreal bucket list moment of all time. I would be terrified to open for them because they’re so good. I’M NOT WORTHY! But I think 3EB fans would like me more for sure. I really learned to sing kind of emulating Stephan Jenkins; I think it still kind of comes through.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

J: “Lil Mama” – Miles Wesley
“Drugs” – 12AM
“drown” – benny mayne

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