Feng Suave Recounts Naïve Childhood Antics in “I’m Warping Here”

Photo Credit: Max D’Orsogna (@maxdorsogna)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 20, 2020

We’ve been obsessed with Feng Suave for quite some time, and today’s a wonderful day to introduce you to this otherworldly Dutch psych-pop duo. Comprised of Daniël Schoemaker and Daniël de Jong, Feng Suave has been crafting the loveliest bedroom pop soundscapes that’ll have you hooked instantly. Ahead of their forthcoming EP Warping Youth, Feng Suave is treating us to a fantastic new single, “I’m Warping Here.”

On “I’m Warping Here,” Feng Suave shared,

“This one is about growing up. It’s a kind of coming-of-age story, really. It’s about missing the times when you did stupid things without thinking about it, and missing the times when those stupid things were your biggest worry in the world.” 

Whether it’s fake crying at a relative’s funeral or torturing bugs, Feng Suave has had their fair share of naïve childhood antics. As “I’m Warping Here” has Feng Suave reflecting on their innocent past, we can’t help but bask in their wavy synths and beachy guitars. By the end of “I’m Warping Here,” we find ourselves digging deep into Feng Suave’s discography and loving every bit of it.

“Now that you’re older, things become more serious and life seems evermore predictable, while at the same time you rack up more and more responsibilities. You wish you could tell the kid you once were to enjoy themself a bit more at times, because it’s gonna level out.”

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