ÊMIA Shares Her Side of the Love Story with “Behind the Scenes”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 20, 2020

With poise and beauty like no other, ÊMIA is the Brooklyn based Vietnamese-American inching her way to stardom with infectious indie pop tunes. Although she moved around the country as a child, ÊMIA has always found solace in the Internet, eventually gaining millions of views and streams on YouTube and Soundcloud. Now more determined than ever, ÊMIA is disclosing her heart with a touching new single, “Behind the Scenes.”

On “Behind the Scenes,” ÊMIA reflected,

“I wrote and produced ‘Behind the Scenes’ in my room last summer when I realized that person I fell for… was leading me on. As a painfully hopeless romantic, it was a sobering moment to realize that someone tells me they want me in their life… and not mean it at all. I hated thinking that the next time I saw him, I would have to watch him pretend like nothing happened. Picturing that scenario was how I wrote the first line of the song.” 

Those of us who have been led on before have a decent idea of the pain ÊMIA was going through at the time, but “Behind the Scenes” provides insight to those who don’t. With stunning vocals and delicate pianos, “Behind the Scenes” resonates with listeners and pulls at our heartstrings verse by verse. This lovelorn track finally gives ÊMIA an opportunity to vocalize her side of the story, and we’re so grateful she does exactly that.

“Even though this was just a song I wrote to create closure for myself, there’s a part of me that knows that I wrote this song as a way of calling him out. I wanted to create space where I could tell my side of the story and he couldn’t hide from it.”

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