VÂN SCOTT Reminds the World He’s Not a “Poster Boy”

Photo Credit: Adam Griffin (@adamgriffinphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 17, 2020

Scott Oatley has been singing for Hollywood’s scores for over a decade, but now he’s finally stepping into his own as the up and coming indie pop act VÂN SCOTT. The days of him lending his voice to High School Musical 3 and La La Land may be over, but VÂN SCOTT is still just as determined and driven as ever. With a highly anticipated debut EP in the works, VÂN SCOTT is treating us to a fantastic new single, “Poster Boy.”

On “Poster Boy,” VÂN SCOTT explained,

“‘Poster Boy’ calls out that unhealthy expectation of perfection, whether self-imposed or brought on by others. It’s meant to give the listener permission to be human, since mistakes are inevitable for us all.”

Because of his role overseeing music at his local church, his fellow churchgoers have an image of him as someone who’s not capable of being looked down on. Luckily, “Poster Boy” has VÂN SCOTT now recognizing that he no longer has to hide his flaws and he can be his true self once again. VÂN SCOTT’s comforting vocals and dreamy synths in “Poster Boy” are accompanied by a lighthearted music video, which may or may not feature VÂN SCOTT in a mascot costume.

“People tend to put you on a pedestal when you hold that kind of position. I was constantly treated like I could do no wrong, and that’s a dangerous place to be. I felt like I had to play a role and hide my flaws, and so it was hard to be myself.” 

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